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Solution for Point of Sale

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mbas POS Solution is a solution which eases the transaction between merchant and customer. With its robust item management, sales price maintenance, taxation coupled with rich Point of Sale (POS), it empowers organizations to increase profitability and customer retention. It is a comprehensive, web-based, mobility in-built solution aimed to deliver better control, real time updates, fully online to know information across different stores.



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  • 1 Users
  • 1 Tills


  • Streamlines online POS (Opening till to closing)
  • Device agnostic integration
  • Enable Item Management
  • Updated Sales Price
  • Taxation

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الرجاء تسجيل الدخول لتنشيط هذه الخدمة

تسجيل / تسجيل الدخول
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مغطى بالدعم

  • L1 - Application Usage Support
  • L2 - Application Maintenance Support
  • L3 - Application Fixing Support
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  • Changes / customizations in application

الأسئلة المتداولة

How do you ensure that the data is secured in mbas?
To achieve the economies of scale, mbas uses "Multi-tenancy". Multi-tenancy makes customers to run their application on the same unit of software. The data is stored in one database. This makes overall system scalable, very easy with lower cost. There will be a definite doubt on losing the data or security of data. Today, any tier 4 technology data centers deliver security of data. The agreements made are legally binding and protect business interests of all stakeholders.
What is the time frame required for mbas service to up and run for a customer?
mbas point solutions takes approximately one week to ten days for the customers to up and run the service mbas smart solutions are been provided with Organization and business configurators Organization configurators guides the user / admin to set up organization related global information along with users creation along with security settings for users Similarly, business configurators help users to enter the pre-requisites required for the processes to run. The business configurators include both the master and opening balances data which are pre-requisite for the processes to up and run. The system is being provided with uploading facility of data through pre-defined excel templates which can be filled for master data to be migrated to mbas application The online help will guide users to understand the way in which the data entry is to be done
What are the benefits of the mbas POS?
Online POS capability maintaining opening & closing of till Devise agnostic feature integrates Cash drawers, Display Poles, printers & all kind of plastic & debit/Credit card reading machines. Helps user with Item Management / Catalogue User enabled configuration of taxes Easy maintenance of sales price of items (With / Without taxes) Reduced procurement cycle time and increased productivity. Individual POS dashboards for stores admin and sales person Simplified till closure procedure Helps monitoring sales information across different stores
How mbas POS solution will add advantage to enterprises?
Retail industries around the world face challenges streamlining their point of sales terminals to maintain data transparency and to strategize their decision making and supply chain capability to meet the areas wise demand of all stores enabling quick replenishment of right stock. Online POS technology with device agnostic features with processes to obtain information on slow and non-moving inventory enhance purchasing & sales deal making decision, maintaining optimum inventory store wise & warehouse wise with reduced inventory cost is an added advantage for the enterprises.

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